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story time — curiosity + patience

The girls watched silently, waiting for the music to come closer.  To their dismay, it stopped, and they were nowhere near figuring out where it was coming from.  They first heard the music when the old dresser was moved to where it now stood in the sun room.

Not just one of them had heard it, they all had. It reminded Kit of the music box her grandmother once had.  She looked all around the room, but there was no music box, or any other object that looked like one.

China’s eyes were big with wonder. The music had made her think of the time that the school had visited the big department store during the Christmas holidays.  The teacher had wanted them to see the big window display with all the coloured lights and sparkling snowflakes.  The elves had been busy in Santa’s workshop the happy music had filled the room as they happily hummed  while packing all the presents for Santa’s big night.

Did it have something to do with the old dresser?  If only they could get closer without making a lot of noise or drawing attention to themselves.  They were supposed to be in bed.  Ginger the eldest of the girls, was supposed to be doing her chores, but Kit saw her peeking out from the other room.  Everyone was interested.

chest of drawers

“Bedtime girls, I’ll be in shortly to say goodnight.” sigh, they knew that it would be tomorrow before they would be given a clue or information.. If Q was coming to tuck them in… that meant, it was going to be lights out.  Scampering back to their respective rooms, they climbed back into bed.  Being patient was going to be hard.

As Q tucked them in, she whispered “tomorrow is another day, you will have lots of time to explore and look around” China and Kit whispered as Q moved on to see Chen-May and Leonie “what Precept do you think will help us be patient and allow things to progress at their own pace”  giggling China said, “Q is always reminding us of our lessons”  with that, both girls closed their eyes and let their anticipation and dreams carry them into the magical land  of sleep.

PL Principle #12  I will get up pleasantly in the morning

PL Precept # 16  All things progress and develop

Try smiling just before you go to sleep.. it works wonders…



nb*  China and Kit are American Girl Dolls

Leonie and ChenMay (below) are MapleLea dolls (Canadian)

AG and MapleLea 6.22.17


Thursday Doors – NH

P1000706 (1)

knock …knock…

you can knock all you want

but you can’t come in…

P1000725 (1)

so you found me

you can look but you can’t see

Someone was here before you

you need only look to find the clue


shuttered and closed, I may be

but still I leave you with history

you can see it, just by looking at me

P1000720 (1)

I can be found anywhere

you need only dare

to look beyond the main streets

please believe that I still live and breathe

behind the door, you will see my core

the memory of another time

still lives within the walls behind the door

my floors still wear the marks of what was,

in the many years before, I am waiting

please, don’t stare, come in… and close the door.


musing 7.2.16

I’d like to use the photos found on social media today, some I’ve used before, to tell a story.(musing)

There simply beautiful, amazing plants in the Universe, depending on what part of the world you live, or visit, some of them will be front and center for you to enjoy and delight over. Each plant has something unique to them, and appear the way they do, often for survival purposes.


Example, the Amazon water-lily, it can grow to over 2 metres in diameter,  that is, about 9 something feet.  I am not likely to see one in my travels, while I am wandering the parks and countryside in my Canadian  backyard. To deter rainforest animals from eating therm, they have rows of sharp spines on the underside of the leaves.


This picture, is of a strangler fig, where many epiphytes avoid harming the plant on which they grow, the strangler fig  eventually kills its host tree.  It starts out as a little bitty thing, that looks so cute growing among the branches of its host tree, but as it grows, its roots thread their way down into the soil, and its stems keep wrapping around the host tree. It grows stronger with the passing of time, capturing more and more sunlight as it expands and grows till eventually the host tree dies.

That said, the strangler fig is important to the rainforest ecosystem, its fruit is a mainstay diet for many of the animals that live in the rainforest.

I used to talk about this plant during my days in “health care” – regarding stress..  Stress is often seen only as a negative, but in fact it is and can be very positive.  It is all in how we perceive the challenges that come our way.  The obstacle that is blocking out the sunshine making it harder for us to enjoy the sun, is often just like us in the sense that it had to grow big and tall to survive as long as it has.  It had the sunshine, and the rain.  Now you come along, your choice is to give up and live in the dark, or to embrace and enjoy the company of the host you landed on.  In sharing you grow and are supported in your efforts,you get to see that the when you reach for the sun, and let your roots slide down further into the forest floor, you become more stabilized.

living bridge

This is a picture of the resourcefulness of the people living in India, they built a living bridge from the strangler fig trees, the bridge is alive and always growing stronger.


This tree standing in the Nanning Park in Guangxi China, is  what started this train of thought.  The host tree is long gone. so today admirers see only this lattice tree.  When we look at another human being, we see only what is on the outside.  We see where they are at that moment, in that space and time.

Some of us are like the Amazon Water-Lily beautiful to look at, pretty as a picture, but.. under the exterior of  “who we project” is someone very different.  There are so many layers to us, it is a patient partner who will lovingly and tenderly peel away each layer.  This applies to any and every one.  Because a “man” appears strong, and unapproachable, means zip, everyone has a heart, has feelings, feels sadness, and wants love.

When something is impossible it is because we don’t want it badly enough.  Or what we think we want, is not really what is best for us, and Nature steps in, and helps reshape and redirect  every day is a new adventure and a new discovery.

PL  Precept # 1     Life is Art

a very simple statement three words, but it is very profound.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri 

PL, Church of Perfect Liberty

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elation and relief

When I discovered this abandoned old car in the fields today, I thought of how even in the sad state it was in, it was rather appealing.  I thought of how it must have looked when it was new, & how it must have a lot of stories it could tell.  The artist who created this rusted clunker gave it character.  It isn’t just any old car, it is a car that has been detailed to look old, and then lovingly placed in the field so that it creates a picture for the eye to enjoy when  it is first spied. Drawing the viewer down into the field to get a closer look.

Q -travels_006

In Perfect Liberty one of the teachings is to help the seeker to enjoy not just what is seen, but to appreciate the components that brought the object to our attention.  When teaching I used to show the student a piece of left over 4×4 wood with a nail hammered into it, a screw half screwed in at an angle and a what not of sorts embedded on the other side.  The question to the student would be, “what do you see/feel when you take this object and hold it.  Because of the objects hammered,screwed and embedded it was not easy to hold.  Nor was it pretty.

Often the question left the student perplexed and curious at just what it was I wanted, or expected him/her to tell me.  what I was wanting was exactly what they were giving me, a reason to explain that what we see/feel is not always what is.  The wood, had history, it had begun as a seed many many years ago.  That seed to grow, had first to rot into the soil it was planted or dropped on.  It took many years to grow and in that time, it lived, we can only guess, a great number of lifetimes.  With many changes it eventually was cut down and parts of it became building lumber.  The piece we were holding, was discarded, only to be recycled into a teaching tool.  The nail and screw that now were part of it, they also had undergone many changes to become the objects we were seeing.

As a therapist, I know that visually the body can tell me one thing, but when I actually lay  hands on it, I will discover much much more.  Though the human may  tell me, “I’m fine, no really, there isn’t a problem”   yet my experience, my visual and physical exam will tell me volumes.

The first of the 21 Precepts in Perfect Liberty is LIFE IS ART .  Just that Precept alone, has so many teachings, so much power in it.  Every day we are given the opportunity to live an artistic life.  To look at the blank canvas before us, and to create something beautiful.  Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  When something speaks to you,  stop, look deep and explore what it is saying, how is it speaking to you, and how does it make you feel.  Enjoy the moment,

Q -travels_002

The elation for me today was the joy of living in Perfect Liberty, waking with a smile on my face, and a prayer in my heart.  The relief was when the minister told me that I could write about PL the way I wanted to, in my words, because it is my opinion, my expression, and the heaviness that had been building slipped away. The church is a formal structure, it is a building, it is on a solid foundation, I am me, a believer, a writer, an artist and I want to continue to explore my faith with a writer’s “eye” and artist’s “feeling/touch”.  Like the wind I want to be ONE with the Universe, free to BE.

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