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the dance

0158b5b3d273ca1071ed0d00c360530c“you have to feel…”

this is an astounding statement

…You have to feel…

so often I have heard

the words, “I just want to die”

yes it is an expression

usually said when a person is at the end of their rope

they have lost hope or, I can’t take it anymore,

I’ve had enough….These moments pass, but while they are being lived,everything inside feels chaotic, jumbled and turned around.  The stomach is unsettled, the mood is “dark”  When I was still actively working my practice, I would ask..”when is the last time you danced?”  More often than not, the answer was vague, they didn’t recall it was so long ago, or it would be a straight out, “I don’t dance”      Dancing is an art form, it is a form of expression, and yes, to some it comes more easily then it does for others.


To be a professional dancer, one must have a passion for the working of the body and mind, in a continuous need,desire to perform, to be able to use your body in every conceivable way to express movement, fluid and flowing, using every muscle in your body, your mind focused so that not a miniscule of energy is anywhere else but in that moment.

Our bodies are important in the managing of our health and our well-being.  Dance, in whatever form it takes in your life is a necessity in maintaining a balance between the “yin” and “”yang”,  negative and positive in life.  You cannot have one without the other.

denzel washington

Even if you just reach and stretch your arms up into the sky above

or out to touch the walls on either side of you, do it with the intent to stretch out as far as you can, then slowly release, exhaling as you do, it well be such an exhilarating feeling,  your body will go “wow”..

Stretching is an easy way to begin bringing more activity into your life, it is with slow small steps that we increase our awareness of the body.

Our bodies are our very own, our personal shrine for all that is divine within us.

Practice doing a dance move every day.  Don’t let it slip away, do it.

Your body will be with you till the very end.  Open your eyes to the need it has to survive and carry you through till you are ready to let go.

Forever and Always.       …Namaste   –    Oyashikiri


I’m late, I’m late

I'm late, I'm late

For a very important date! Today is my birthday! I was greeted with so many well wishes, I wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you who remembered. I so appreciated hearing from you.
One of the most precious gifts is friendship, the personal time one takes to share a moment with someone else. Means a lot to me. Even with the electronic age,the fact that someone remembers, fills me with happiness.
That little girl raking leaves with her Dad, is a memory of a time shared with a man I’ll never ever forget. He passed away when I was 10, but his influence, love and nurturing live on in me today.

In PL we celebrate Ancestor’s Day on the 11th of each month. My father taught me that everyday is a celebration of “life”…to challenge myself, and always look at life as an experience to be lived. Not to fear failure, but to proactively challenge each new situation.

Believe there is always a reason, for what is. Know that tomorrow is another day. Have faith in the Divine love of God that is always with you.

You may be late, but you will always be on time for where you need to be in that one given moment.


Sliced fresh garlic on dry toast

Sliced fresh garlic on dry toast

Phew whatever for? one may ask. Well, you all know by now that I got hit really hard with a virus. It really was not pleasant. One of the most annoying symptoms -coughing,  deep dry ugly hacking coughs.  An old friend called to speak to my husband,  an Armenian with a strong belief in ancient and natural healing The suggestion was made that I try sliced fresh garlic on toast. I didn’t rush out to try it. but after days and sleepless nights of uncomfortable and horrible uncontrollable coughing spells, I was no longer willing to be subjected to the misery without doing what I could to fight back.
I had tried other known remedies, ginger tea,  soup,  honey, and of course by now I was on medication from the doctor. What cook doesn’t have fresh garlic in the pantry, the pungent aroma was fresh, the toast dry, the taste was hard core…., I actually slept better the first night, I felt the difference. Three nights later, a vampire might shun a taste of my blood.. but I can now lie down without major coughing.

So there you have it. Let’s appreciate the wisdom of another time and place. Do try something new, don’t close the door to new opportunities/possibilities.

Gotta wonder if the dogs will want cuddle? Unconditional love. Lucky me =^_^=

Have a great evening/sleep/morning, wherever you are, may the Universe treat you kindly. God Bless!


It is Tuesday – Good Morning -Bom dia – Bonjour

It is Tuesday - Good Morning -Bom dia - Bonour

I’m a morning person, I love waking up to another day, I can accomplish so much in the morning. LOL I know that for others the mornings can be a little more elusive.  Remember the expression,” the early bird gets the worm”?   Is that  still used today =^_^=
Today will be another day of very hot humid temperatures,I thought I’d show you a little hide-a-way that the birds and shade loving visitors like to find in our front garden.  Our dogs will be walked before the heat builds up on the city pavements.

What are you doing today?  Did you have a good night’s sleep? Sleep is so very important to our well being.

My morning prayer grounds me and gets me going.
My evening prayer wraps up my day and nudges me gently on my way.  When for some reason I miss an evening prayer/meditation, sleep may come, but my nocturnal journeys are not the same.

In PL Oshieoya-sama teaches us that in order for us to express our true selves for happiness and the happiness of others, it is important that we live with true faith in God/Universe and pray to the Divine Mother in our daily lives  (God/ Universe/Divine Mother, all ONE)

Have a great day doing whatever you are doing. You are in my prayers always. Blessings!

Happy today to you all!

It is raining here, wonderful big drops of rain are falling with abundance, when the wind blows in the right direction, I get a staccato of wet sloppy drops on the window teasing me with their determination.  They are full of enthusiasm, they had to have read the PL teaching of the day- Act with Enthusiasm – =^_^=

Rain comes in many forms, gentle, pounding, steady, drizzle, light spray, when you are walking in the rain, as often happens if you have a dog(s) to walk, or if you are a jogger, you know that being in the rain is a totally all encompassing experience.  Your sense of smell, sight, and sound are there, and so is that feeling of being wet.  No, not like when you are in the shower, swimming or bathing.  It is a totally different  feeling.  A downpour if you get caught in one unprepared  can be drenching…..but once  you are soaked, lets face it, what is left to do but enjoy the moment.  If you think about it, life is pretty much like that.  When life throws a wrench into your day, take it in, absorb the reality of that moment, take a deep breath and move on.  That moment passed, you survived, gather your thoughts and move on.  There is nothing you can’t handle when you take life one moment at a time.

BJ Thomas had a hit many years ago called ‘Raindrops are falling on my head”   that song, has stayed with me for years.  Although he had many hits back in the 60’s and 70’s this is the song I remember him most for.  Enjoy!

http://youtu.be/t30cX6OGO0U                                        and remember!   Take whatever today brings, and make it work for YOU!     Blessings

Let’s First Accept and Appreciate Things as They Are

PL teaching day 25 > Let’s First Accept and Appreciate things as They Are. Even when dealing with someone you don’t like or when you are facing an uncomfortable situation, take a moment to first accept whatever comes your way.  There is always something that you can learn from these situations.  Let’s First Accept and Appreciate Things as They Are.

There is a pure essence of innocence in all of  us. When we were children our actions were not to achieve for  some ulterior motive, we simply acted on our intuition.  Today looking in a mirror and seeing myself  in an outfit that hugged my figure, I realized that I had to be more accepting of my outline, and  appreciate my healthy body. Looking in the mirror, reminded me of a story recently published in the Portuguese newsletter (Jornal Perfeita Liberdade) from Brazil, (Feb.2013 issue) no matter how many times I feel a lesson has been learned, looking in a mirror, brings home a very NOW reality.  Even as a child, I found reason to complain about how I looked.  Self perception is a lesson that I will likely be working on for many moons to come.

PL teaches that when we are puzzled or at a standstill in regards to a particular issue, a spontaneous method (listening to our intuition) could lead to a highly creative and original solution (new way of seeing something)  Act without guile and do not attack the problem directly, Let’s First Accept and Appreciate Things as They Are.

prayer garden 4.18.12 026

Have a Good Balance Between Mind and Body

PL teaching for Day 20   > Have a Good Balance Between Mind and Body  > Being overly concerned about things, or overexerting yourself physically will cause you to be off balance mentally and physically.  Be careful not to overdo things.

June 20_006

Good Morning Everyone

Your Smile Can Spread Cheer to Those Around You.
A person who is always pleasant and cheerful can spread their joy wherever they go. Always remember to smile.
Today’s teaching on the PL calendar
your Smile Can Spread Cheer to Those Around You.

Awareness of self and the impact others, is just not ” when I have time” or “if only I wasn’t so busy, I would”. Could, should, would,if only, how often do we use these words.
I wake up in the morning, thinking of the beauty in the world / universe, smile and let that smile radiate from head to toe Allow your SELF to feel it in your whole body. For me, this inner glow is healing. I know it shines from my eyes. PL teachings help keep our “smile” healthy and truly happy.
Your Smile Can Spread Cheer to Those Around You.
Feb. 10_012

Apr 24 pm_005

elation and relief

When I discovered this abandoned old car in the fields today, I thought of how even in the sad state it was in, it was rather appealing.  I thought of how it must have looked when it was new, & how it must have a lot of stories it could tell.  The artist who created this rusted clunker gave it character.  It isn’t just any old car, it is a car that has been detailed to look old, and then lovingly placed in the field so that it creates a picture for the eye to enjoy when  it is first spied. Drawing the viewer down into the field to get a closer look.

Q -travels_006

In Perfect Liberty one of the teachings is to help the seeker to enjoy not just what is seen, but to appreciate the components that brought the object to our attention.  When teaching I used to show the student a piece of left over 4×4 wood with a nail hammered into it, a screw half screwed in at an angle and a what not of sorts embedded on the other side.  The question to the student would be, “what do you see/feel when you take this object and hold it.  Because of the objects hammered,screwed and embedded it was not easy to hold.  Nor was it pretty.

Often the question left the student perplexed and curious at just what it was I wanted, or expected him/her to tell me.  what I was wanting was exactly what they were giving me, a reason to explain that what we see/feel is not always what is.  The wood, had history, it had begun as a seed many many years ago.  That seed to grow, had first to rot into the soil it was planted or dropped on.  It took many years to grow and in that time, it lived, we can only guess, a great number of lifetimes.  With many changes it eventually was cut down and parts of it became building lumber.  The piece we were holding, was discarded, only to be recycled into a teaching tool.  The nail and screw that now were part of it, they also had undergone many changes to become the objects we were seeing.

As a therapist, I know that visually the body can tell me one thing, but when I actually lay  hands on it, I will discover much much more.  Though the human may  tell me, “I’m fine, no really, there isn’t a problem”   yet my experience, my visual and physical exam will tell me volumes.

The first of the 21 Precepts in Perfect Liberty is LIFE IS ART .  Just that Precept alone, has so many teachings, so much power in it.  Every day we are given the opportunity to live an artistic life.  To look at the blank canvas before us, and to create something beautiful.  Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  When something speaks to you,  stop, look deep and explore what it is saying, how is it speaking to you, and how does it make you feel.  Enjoy the moment,

Q -travels_002

The elation for me today was the joy of living in Perfect Liberty, waking with a smile on my face, and a prayer in my heart.  The relief was when the minister told me that I could write about PL the way I wanted to, in my words, because it is my opinion, my expression, and the heaviness that had been building slipped away. The church is a formal structure, it is a building, it is on a solid foundation, I am me, a believer, a writer, an artist and I want to continue to explore my faith with a writer’s “eye” and artist’s “feeling/touch”.  Like the wind I want to be ONE with the Universe, free to BE.

Does this “feel” familiar

Q -travels_005
There are times when even in a crowd, we feel that we are alone. Sometimes t his is good, other times we wish that we could reach out and share the moment with a friend.
Fortunately, a PL member has the opportunity to receive consultation, or simply visit with a minister to share, talk about, a problem,question, or curiosity in our life.

The picture was taken in the virtual world of Second Life. I have found the different worlds I’ve discovered there to be a perfect way to experience the artistic talents of the virtual artist. If you are wanting to explore this build on your own, these are the coordinates.
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Misali/23/37/21 (Hazardous,Misali)

In PL (Perfect Liberty) we learn to appreciate ALL the different circumstances we find ourselves in. For me the discovery of this nest in the middle of nowhere was comfortable.. I loved the quiet, the calling of the birds overhead, the sound of the water against the rocks that lined the shore.. blue skies.. We have an advantage in SL (Second Life) we have the ability to fly, one can never be lost =^_^=.

When we trust in the divine ONEness of the Universe, we are living in Perfect Liberty and we know that we are never alone, ever.
Q -travels_001

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