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World Peace day in PL

A harmonia promove a Paz
Harmony brings us Peace
Together we can make it happen

Let there be space in your togetherness, and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

Kahlil Gibran


One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that YOU are my life.

Kahlil Gibran

meaning – loss


What??  I don’t know, back in 2015 I saw this photo and was intrigued at what it was, what it meant, where it came from.  If I found out, I didn’t record it, so in my files this is what I found, now Feb. 24. 2019

Doing a tidy up, I found a card a group of friends sent me when my husband passed away, “on the loss of your husband”  Store bought, from the American Greeting co. in the States, I reread the message.

“They say life goes on just give yourself time to mourn, and accept and to heal,  Though none of that offers much comfort right now with the sorrow and loss you must feel…  but, there in your heart where you miss him the most where friendship and love never cease, somehow you know that he’d  want nothing more than to see you find comfort and peace”         

As I digested the words of sympathy my friends had sent me, my eyes fell on today’s PL calendar, for day 24

Things that happen to us all have a meaning

Everything that happens to us happens for a reason.  Each and every occurrence is a chance for you to improve yourself.

It is with gratitude that I start my day, and appreciation for you my friends who keep in touch, drop in,  the distance, the miles, time zones, disappear, when I say I appreciate each and every one of you.  I do.  My heart sings with joy when you say hi…  the like button, the thoughtful hellos, and cheerful input,  the nudge now and then, all blessings.

“I have walked that long road to freedom.  I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way.  But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. ” Nelson Mandela

We are all ONE with the Universe



love a duck

Duck puppet 1

I took my duck puppet to church today… I wanted to talk about LOVE, and “ducky” is a good  ice breaker… kids and adults alike smile and chuckle as soon as “ducky” makes an appearance. Why the prop, well, love although a small four letter word, really packs a punch, and to everyone, it means something different.

Children have no problem saying the love you, or showing they love you, but … for many reasons, adults have a more difficult time with the word.  AND if you have a problem with the word,  how do you manage the emotion that goes along with that word.

When you love someone, you are saying, I care, you mean something to me.  Loving someone is including them in your life, in your heart, in your space.  it isn’t a restriction, it is am embrace.

Love is the freedom to be………………. love is knowing that happiness or sadness is all part of the embrace ……………………. love is being able to share your vulnerable moments and know you are safe …………………… love is knowing when you fall, or make a mistake, it is just a moment in time,  that true love is forever, always and everlasting.


Friendships are built on trust

Love is the thread that binds us all

it may be small, however

the word, is one that has the power to  forestall

the negatives in this world, to erase
fear,greed,wars and strife

so that, we all live with love in our life

yes… ducky went to church and made everyone smile today!


LOVE to each and every one of you.

namaste     –     oyashikiri



“I love talking about nothing.  It is the only thing I know anything about”  Oscar Wilde



and sometimes


I’d like you to just come over and visit with me

1850 farmhouse beadboard

AND, then again…


I’ve taken flight to explore

and need time alone


I am secure and happy

knowing I am never on my own

LOVE is not sometimes, it is ALWAYS


Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

4,5, Hot tub time machine

1,2,3,6,Pinterest files

Today is going to be a wonderful day!


Walk this path with me

allow your cares to  fly away

Let the freedom of the day

Set you free

Namaste  –  Oyashikiri

Good Morning Monday, lunes es gratis

john lenon 1




Is a day off really a day off.  When we go on vacation, flying to another destination, or for that matter, going to the cottage.  Is it really “free time”.  Always there is the preparations,the planning, the packing.  What is “free time”  what does that mean, what does it imply.  Does everything you do have to have a purpose?  If you have a back yard, as an adult how often do you, yourself use it?  I know gardeners garden, and children play but who tends the yards, cuts the grass, weeds the beds.  There is always something to do.  If it is a cottage, you have to open up the cottage, and while there,the same chores that are often performed at home in the city, or often repeated only now you are in a country setting.  Life can be busy can’t it.  Do you ever ask yourself what you are getting out of all this “busy”.  There is no easy answer, no simple solution, because we are all so unique in our thinking and how we live our lives.  This is what makes the world such a wonderful place.  Like nature, we are an assortment of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, minerals,rocks and living organisms, etc. etc. even the weather has its moods. It can dazzle, delight,scare and frighten us, we accept that is what it is, Why is it so difficult for us to accept the differences in others.




Freedom is a state of mind.  Happiness is a state of mind. Our minds belong to each and everyone of us alone.  No one can read our minds,  nor can they change our minds.  We own our thoughts, and our actions.  We can share, but we cannot change anyone but ourselves.  What is peace and tranquility to one, may not be to another. Challenges are a constant in our lives, when we see them as opportunities for growth, we are working at attaining peace in our own lives.  Peace begins within.

Prayer of Protection

The light of God surrounds us

The love of God enfold us

The power of God protects us

The presence of God watches over us

Wherever we are God is, and all is well.




print found on etsy.com Image Spiral Song Lyric Print

found on betterphoto.com-fog in pasture, Blue Ridge Parkway US (Judy V Kennamer)

prayer  -Unity Church


elation and relief

When I discovered this abandoned old car in the fields today, I thought of how even in the sad state it was in, it was rather appealing.  I thought of how it must have looked when it was new, & how it must have a lot of stories it could tell.  The artist who created this rusted clunker gave it character.  It isn’t just any old car, it is a car that has been detailed to look old, and then lovingly placed in the field so that it creates a picture for the eye to enjoy when  it is first spied. Drawing the viewer down into the field to get a closer look.

Q -travels_006

In Perfect Liberty one of the teachings is to help the seeker to enjoy not just what is seen, but to appreciate the components that brought the object to our attention.  When teaching I used to show the student a piece of left over 4×4 wood with a nail hammered into it, a screw half screwed in at an angle and a what not of sorts embedded on the other side.  The question to the student would be, “what do you see/feel when you take this object and hold it.  Because of the objects hammered,screwed and embedded it was not easy to hold.  Nor was it pretty.

Often the question left the student perplexed and curious at just what it was I wanted, or expected him/her to tell me.  what I was wanting was exactly what they were giving me, a reason to explain that what we see/feel is not always what is.  The wood, had history, it had begun as a seed many many years ago.  That seed to grow, had first to rot into the soil it was planted or dropped on.  It took many years to grow and in that time, it lived, we can only guess, a great number of lifetimes.  With many changes it eventually was cut down and parts of it became building lumber.  The piece we were holding, was discarded, only to be recycled into a teaching tool.  The nail and screw that now were part of it, they also had undergone many changes to become the objects we were seeing.

As a therapist, I know that visually the body can tell me one thing, but when I actually lay  hands on it, I will discover much much more.  Though the human may  tell me, “I’m fine, no really, there isn’t a problem”   yet my experience, my visual and physical exam will tell me volumes.

The first of the 21 Precepts in Perfect Liberty is LIFE IS ART .  Just that Precept alone, has so many teachings, so much power in it.  Every day we are given the opportunity to live an artistic life.  To look at the blank canvas before us, and to create something beautiful.  Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  When something speaks to you,  stop, look deep and explore what it is saying, how is it speaking to you, and how does it make you feel.  Enjoy the moment,

Q -travels_002

The elation for me today was the joy of living in Perfect Liberty, waking with a smile on my face, and a prayer in my heart.  The relief was when the minister told me that I could write about PL the way I wanted to, in my words, because it is my opinion, my expression, and the heaviness that had been building slipped away. The church is a formal structure, it is a building, it is on a solid foundation, I am me, a believer, a writer, an artist and I want to continue to explore my faith with a writer’s “eye” and artist’s “feeling/touch”.  Like the wind I want to be ONE with the Universe, free to BE.

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