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Thursday Doors. 6.8.17


pick a door, any door, they all lead somewhere

and some are already open.  Interesting that altho’ this door was open, and on a main street, I would not have just gone in.  Without knowing more about it, I would have knocked or taken a good look inside from the street, before entering..

Enjoy another Thursday, exploring  more doors.

Norm 2.0

Have a good day everyone! thinking of YOU…





Comments on: "Thursday Doors. 6.8.17" (6)

  1. Great post. I’ve been enjoying the doors of the Baltic states. You’ve inspired me to post some pics.

  2. Great post. I love that first one.

    • thank you! I was so disappointed, I took many many pictures, but when I got home and looked at them.. someone the setting had changed on my camera. They were all videos, that were not useable. I really appreciate your comment.=^_^= I eyed that door from the tea room where I was noshing.. knew I had to get a picture.

  3. Nice finds and a woman’s intuition should be heeded.

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