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Happy Monday


Bright, colourful, a visual delight

I am wishing with all my might

that this week

will be an endless maze

of happy days

whether  skies be blue or gray

I earnestly pray

each and every one of you

will find that God’s grace will visit you

and you will be rewarded

with the best life has to offer you

for dreams and wishes

to come true

we need only believe

love belongs to me and you

PL Precept #11  Always be with God



photography -Hillwalker (Darren Su)




Comments on: "Happy Monday" (4)

  1. I needed this Dymoon – thank you!

    • love and healing energy dear friend… waves rainbow hugs your way

      • Thank you Dymoon….we got received your rainbow hugs and they must have helped! Link is doing much better! Me, still working on that! You understand so well with what you and hubby are going through how powerless you feel in these times. Much love and hugs back to you!

      • God is love and always with us..xxxo

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