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be calm, be kind

IMG_9145Be calm, be kind without compromising

Hesitating to share our true feelings hurts not only ourselves, but others.  While respecting the other person’s feelings, say what you need to say.

PL Calendar day 17




photo hT9

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  1. I like the balance of being honest while being mindful of others’ feelings. Have a great weekend. Oh, we have snow now too.

    • driving back from Montreal today, I saw the most beautiful of skylines.. blues, against the snow and darkness coming in… wished you had been there with your camera..You are so good at catching the mood of skylines…yeah.. snow may stay around

      • Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry I missed the shot. I love Montreal. As much as I shoot in Boston, we have four sunrise photos I made in Montreal on the wall of our living room. Cheers

  2. Patricia Lebrun said:

    bonjour, bon dimanche, comment vas-tu, moi, sa vas bien, il fait beau le soleil, nous rechauffent, c’est bon cette chaleur mon petit Buster (chien) s’est le seul temps qui veux aller dehors alors je prend une marche avec mon chien il est heureux et sa me fait sortir dehors et marcher.

    bonne semaine, je continue a pratique P L 🌸 Patricia

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