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April 24.

April 24, a date to remember, it was my husband’s birthday.Brian collage A day that celebrated his life. Now it is a reminder that I am a “widow”  In May it will be a year since he passed away.  His last birthday was one he so bravely wanted to celebrate.  His courage and determination saw him make that date and live to say he had achieved his goal.  He had his 70th. at home we toasted his achievements and his life, knowing there would be no more.

Over his years of  being successful at his chosen vocation – broadcasting, and the written media, he thrived at being a reporter of his many journeys and many observations as he travelled the world in search of stories, and new experiences. He never tired of sharing with others his enjoyment of the many interests he had acquired through his travels and his career.  History, geography, world affairs he could converse and debate at large.

PL calendar day 24

Things that happen to us all have a meaning.

Everything that happens to us happens for a reason.  Each and every occurrence is a chance for you to improve yourself.

We married late in life, he was determined that his wife would be  alright when and if he was not around.  That meant, he wanted me to have and maintain an independence that would serve me in good stead should he not be around.  He was so kind, considerate and caring, that I can say in all sincerity, he completed my life in a way that was so loving and dedicated to our togetherness that even though physically he is not here, he will always be MY husband, MY one and only … You were and are a blessing Brian, you are celebrated every day. R.I.P.

The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see -G.K Chesterton

roses 6.22.17


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. – Mae West



Comments on: "April 24." (13)

  1. What a loving memory and your thoughts so well expressed.

    I only had the privilege of meeting Brian once and was immediately impressed by his spirit, humour and warmth.

    • Thank you dear friend, he enjoyed meeting you too, he often said we should do it again, but his illness kept us off the roads.. You are special, stay in touch, please

  2. eleanor anderson said:

    Love and hugs dear friendEleanor

  3. Nick Vrtis said:

    Extra special thoughts and prayers for you today.

  4. He sounds like your perfect mate in life. This is a lovely tribute.

  5. I imagine it has been a hard road for you this past year, Eilene. I’m sorry you didn’t have more time together. Sending you warmth and blessings.

  6. Often thinking of your lingering loss – this is a fine tribute

  7. Moz Loordes said:

    Bless him, he sounded like the perfect husband and that’s a rare thing ❤ I hope it's not too raw for you now, my friend, I know how it all goes.

  8. Very moving, my thoughts are with you.

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