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shades of white

Bet I didn't fool you  at all, I snuck in a picture of rust.  I know.  Sometimes after a sleep, the marbles don't always nestle back into their beds right side up. =^_^=

Yes for those of us living where we have distinct seasons, the coming months will give us many varieties of ways to show off our whites. Let’s make it fun, journal or capture the special whites.. after all, white does come in many shades, and each one of us will have a different appreciation of the hues and vistas we come across.

Even if you have done it many times before, put your full heart into it. (Makoto) When we are doing something, especially if it’s a small or easy task, we tend to get sloppy. Let’s put our whole heart into everything we do, even if its something as simple as pushing a button.

Perfect Liberty 2014,14


Comments on: "shades of white" (11)

  1. The tin man made me smile. Someone was very creative.

  2. We have some white Christmas lights up, but no snow! That really is a cute tin man.

    • thanks the moment I saw him, I knew he was coming home with me.. usually I bring him in for the winter, but that year.. he got to stay out. In Dec. snow comes and goes here. They are saying rain early next week. =^_^=

      • I’m worried it is going to be a warm one here. My dog (who sheds more than any dog I’ve ever known) is flying fur out like it’s May right now! Not a good sign.

    • maybe he is just shedding getting ready for a nice new coat to start the new year with.. He things its an early xmas present for you =^+^=

  3. he first picture is really good.

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