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Naikoon Rainforest in BC

Where can I go to hide.. so lush, so mysterious. … what sights and sounds will I find, will my sense be overwhelmed… gosh.. this is somewhere to discover… Think I’ll start a bucket list.

What reason to hide..non really… but there are times.. when I want to disappear for awhile.. (from day to day) and explore another reality in this wonderful world of ours.

BC is a long way from home. I never knew such a wonderful place existed, have any of you ever been ? if so, can you tell me about it?

Lately it has been a time of discovery, new and old experiences, have taken on new meaning, new depth, and my analytical mind is processing it all. Since my health related problems seem to be rectifying themselves I am feeling the slow return of my “old” self.. the one that loved exploring and adding to my already plentiful life experience.

I want to relearn, quiet, meditation, and nature in all its many forms. Life is for living, life is for sharing, life is beautiful. Travel with me.. let’s share and grow in LOVE for life. Make it a commitment.

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity.


I don’t know where I got the picture it was in my files. I suspect Pinterest.

Comments on: "hidden" (8)

  1. Been all over BC ..I have family members there..
    Love the forest land and mountains.

    • How I wish I could climb on board for your memories.. there is so much to see.. I know I would like to get back .. the question, is will I?

  2. I spent a few days in Vancouver a while back and then cycled down through Washington state. Pretty area but the area is not the real rural BC.

  3. Looking at your photo, I can almost see the little fairies lounging on the mossy limbs, waging on potato bug races running through the grass. Thanks for a soft green image in a grey concrete world.

  4. Never been to BC. It is an appealing place….maybe someday.

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