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Monday Monday

photo -Shirley Keen, NZ

This was how I defined myself back in the 70’s and 80’s when I was marketing my “works” (expressions, via canvas and acrylics) My name in Chinese translates to Goddess of the Moon, I have used Moon or Dymoon in my work since forever.

A “Moon” for all seasons. (called my sculptures, canvas expressions, musings, Moon)

Travel thru fantasy and life – Capture the spirit of imagination – Ride the winds of time -enjoy an original “Moon”

Transcend illusions of today.

Realize the truth in reality – a subject, is object, only…… when perceived.

Focus but for a second

Tune in on the moment – Collide with tranquility – calm and serene – You’ve found cosmic peace.

I found one of my old business cards, the first part of the above was on the back of my card. I also used the Chinese writing of my name on the card. You can see I’m still going through the old binder I found with past writings and pictures of the “expressions”

How interesting to see, read and take in what was..

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  1. Love this..being in lockdown I dig through my old files reading about my past travels.

    • LOL I wasn’t looking .. I was searching for something else, and the binder was in my way, it was a surprise when I opened it.. however, as you have guessed, I’ve been enjoying the “playback” waves a cheerful greeting your way..

  2. Timothy Price said:

    I like Goddess of the moon. I like the moon and goddesses that go with the moon are Okay as far as I’m concerned. It’s interesting to look back at the past, to see what you were and what you have become.

    • I am very proud of my heritage, however, born and brought up in Canada I can safely say, during my youth.. and even now… no one is going to call me goddess… =^_^= My Father was very old school in some ways, as much as he was progressive for his time, he still gave me names that would always be a reminder of what and who I was and the direction I should be taking during my lifetime here on this planet. an aside. in getting my feed for the birds I feed, I actually saw that they have specialty feed for pigeons.. AND that there are many pigeon enthusiasts who feed, raise and race them. Who knew!

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