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saw this bird on Shirley’s FB page. What a character!

I was interested so I asked. LOL I was told about what a pest these birds can be and how loud and “many” they are. They are native to and live in NZ, so we won’t be visited by one soon… Thought I’d share this clip I found on the bird. It is called a Weka.

Be a person who can say ” I like it!” Find what moves you the most and express your appreciation.

Perfect Liberty 2021.2

Comments on: "Weka a new bird (for us)" (3)

  1. I thought you were going to say that you found a New Zealand bird in Ottawa. That would be a sight. BTW, I checked out the Stickwork website. They will have an installation in August in the Adirondacks. Perhaps, the border will open by then.

  2. Timothy Price said:

    It does look like a character.

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