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Yakushima, Japan

Thought that since my world these past days has been wild, windy and very snow covered, i would share with you what is happening across the oceans in southern Japan. Different climate, weather, and habitation.

These moments caught in time where Anastasia was enjoying her explorations, were likely happening at the same time I was taking careful steps across an icy parking lot to feed the birds…

There is beauty all around us, we simply have to open our “eyes” to our surroundings. Be aware that while this is visual, the differences are also very present in our day to day attitudes, thoughts, and perceptions.

Let’s set higher goals and work to improve ourselves.

Let’s work towards our goals while keeping a clear vision of what we hope to achieve. your strong conviction and Makoto (sincere effort) will help drive you toward accomplishing what you set out to do.

Perfect Liberty 2014.2

Comments on: "Yakushima, Japan" (12)

  1. Be careful on the ice. It looks pretty, though, all coating the branches.

  2. Beauty all around. Nice pics.

  3. Both sets of photos are beautiful.

  4. Love the diversity of our Earth!

  5. Lots of beauty there.

    • Good Morning Eileen, yes.. when I received the pictures it took me back to my time in Japan, I wasn’t that far south.. and it was a different season, but the pictures did bring back memories.

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