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Falling in love

Shoebill Stork

I saw this bird for the first time today.. read more http://agic-safaris.com/our-discovery-library/where-see-shoebill-stork

have you ever seen anything so cute?
Balaeniceps Rex – Africa
Hope you enjoy meeting this bird as much as i did.. It just makes me SMILE

Comments on: "Falling in love" (17)

  1. ezee life said:

    Can’t stop looking at this 👀

  2. Looks a bit like a Muppet character!

    • I’ve now watched a few videos on it.. In captivity, it seems to be rather gentle.. one of the videos.. I was surprised to see what I thought was a tear when she had to make a choice between the strong offspring and the weaker one. AI know its nature.. but I’m a softie.

    • Hello! as cute as it is, it can be dangerous with that cutting beak of his… but in the video I saw, he was just so darn adorable.. I had to share.

  3. Good one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. lise lawrence said:

    Where those birds from .

  5. Looks very much like he could have come from the dinosaur era!

  6. A freaky, formative and strange bird indeed…

    • Hey you good to hear from you… indeed… I was charmed, but don’t be deceived, they kill their prey with swift accuracy. waves across the miles.

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