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wet interlude

grosbeak – Num Ottawa

I woke to a dreary gray sky, a steady rain, and a forecast of ongoing rain for the day. I have to admit I was not keen to jump out of bed and dress for an outing. So, instead I tackled an admin project I needed to do. By noon I had that done and could look at what to do next. I had been thinking about the birds and how they were doing, I saw that it was still a downpour… but .. decided, rain or not, I should check to see what they were doing, IF they were even still there.

It poured sheets of rain while I made my way out of city towards the green space. I’m happy to report that as I drove closer to my destination, the rain slowed down. By the time I got to the parking area…. it had stopped raining!! Yuuu hooo katchooo. I opened the door, stepped out to the wonderful sound of birds singing and gossiping.. the chatter got even louder as I walked down towards the feeders.. My heart sang.

female Grosbeak

I saw my female Grosbeak dart up into the trees, when I put the fresh sunflower seeds in her basket she was not long in coming down to enjoy them. She did have a few words to say to me tho’.. I have been neglectful.. Who knew she was going to stick around. I can’t swear to it, but I think she gave me a bit of a talking to. the other birds that made me aware of their presence were my (yes my) wood peckers.. they went to the empty nut feeders and squawked. NO its not my imagination.. the nut feeders they like were all empty except for one and it was almost empty.

Properly chastised I dutifully refilled two of the feeders. I did remove two .. and I did not refill the suet. I do want them to start seeking food from their environment. Besides Suet can go rancid in the warmer weather. I put down sunflower seeds and peanuts.. the birds were happy. I was happy. I really love them.. when they start singing and chirping away I could listen to them for hours. All the time I spent with them, the sky stayed dry. No blue Jays, even with the peanuts..

There were birds everywhere in the trees all around in the woods, it was a full blown chorus. The songs were coming from all directions, from deep in the woods, the area across the road, I was so happy that I made the drive out to visit with them. Happiness is following your heart!

I’m love crazed

**the haughty look on the female that Kevin took, is really how she can look, but she does have another look.. that is like a smile.. and when she is happy she has the sweetest voice. =^_^=

I think I’m having or on a bird high =^_^=… nite all.. I’ll tweet myself to bird land.. —

Comments on: "wet interlude" (15)

  1. So sweet… couldn’t have happened to a nicer gal! πŸ™‚

  2. Timothy Price said:

    Pretty Grosbeak.

  3. so nice… I hope it continues well into the Spring for you

  4. So beautiful!

  5. We waited too long to take down hte bird fedders and a bear took them down for us last night.

  6. Lullaby on Bird Land 🎼

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