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We are not born wise, wisdom is something we acquire as we make our way through life, some lessons learned are more thought provoking than others. Always the opportunity lies waiting, often as bold as brass, sometimes not, but always, the opportunity awaits discovery.

The other day, I picked up a small wooden puzzle of a flamingo. 22 pieces of wood that one takes apart and assembles, Everything needed is included. 2 sheets of wood with laser cut pieces ready to be pieced together. sounds simple doesn’t it.

Well not obviously to me. I saw it and thought it would be fun painted. I took the two sheets of balsa wood and thought about how best to paint it .. decided a white first coat would be good to prime it before I got fancy with the acrylic colours. FOCUSED on the painting of it, I proceeded to lavishly coat it with primer and a base of Titanium white acrylic. Set it aside to let it dry.

All you woodworking buddies out there, have you started groaning yet. Yup I did that. I was even considering if I should do colour splashes on the sheets while they were still all together on the sheet.

Not once did it enter my noggin that in so doing I would be bonding the pieces with the medium. Nor when I came to take the pieces apart, did it dawn on me to first use my knife to cut the pieces .. I have a full set of blades, several different handles, I am well prepared for such tasks, I’ve worked with wood for as long as I can remember. What was i thinking!!! OK we know the answer, I wasn’t.

Needless to say. I made a mess of things. It happens, the horror of it all struck me with a lightening punch. “Girl, where was your head”

It’s okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point. It’s important what you do from now.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

Will I have the patience to try and put those pieces together, repair all the torn and broken ones, the simple reply is NO. It was an idea that came and went. I accept that I made a shambles of it. Obviously my mind was not on what I was doing, only on one part of the project. In not thinking it through first, I made a proper mess of it.

Time to go find my Canon and wander off into the day. I wish you all a very happy and productive day. Love YOU.

Obrigado, thank you PL, por me ensinar amar assim, por ver Deus dentro de mim e em quallquer lugar. for teaching me to love and to see God within me, and everywhere around.

Comments on: "Deus Natureza -God and Nature" (4)

  1. I believe that if we were honest, many of us have done something that had us wondering what were we thinking and chucking a mess into the trash. Camera time is more fun anyway.

  2. Yes, you are hardly alone in mucking up a project. At that point, the wise one evaluates whether it is worth the effort to salvage. If it’s not, then goodbye, and no regret.

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