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Silent Sunday

wet, overcast and wonderful
Welcome to my world…

PL Precept #7 Everything exists in relativity Todos existe en relatividad

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  1. These look so peaceful and relaxing.

  2. It looks like you have the sping thaw happening there. Let’s hope for some green soon.

    • optimistic traveler you are.. somehow I think we will be weeks away.. maybe some buds here and there, but we are known to have a cold snap in April, even close to May. I have noticed that the squirrels seem to be getting brighter coats? is that my imagination, almost taking on a reddish glow.. or would it be a different group.. AND I did see a chipmunk the other day.
      When you hike, do you wear cleats on your shoes?

      • Yes, I have cleats for when it’s icy. It’s much safer. I noticed a bit of red on the squirrels also. If you like chipmunks, I can round up a bunch and send them north.

    • LOl thanks you are tooooo kind… but no thanks.. I have a couple that lodged with me over the winter.. not impressed!! I wore my cleats today, it was cold, the water that was around was frozen.. I think I’ll leave them in my trunk for now. waves a cheerful hello across the miles…

      • Good evening. My cleats are still in the trunk. I should move them to the garage, but I don’t trust that winter will not make another appearance.

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