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let me explain

this is part of a series I am working on, that I hope will add to your creativity if you are part of this caring community. You may want to follow Q’s story telling if you want to see more from this series.

Q's Story Telling

are you even listening to me?

Body language says a lot. What do we see here, we see a man trying to explain or at least get his partner/friend’s attention. From the pictures do you think she is even listening, is he talking and what he is saying is not being “heard”

His body language suggests he is in earnest, he wants her to listen to what he is trying to tell her.

Her body language shows that she is in protection mode, perhaps her feelings have been hurt, her arms are across her chest, her body is turned away, her legs crossed, suggest she is closing herself off.

When emotions are high, is probably not the best time to try to unravel a situation that has gotten “knotted”

In today’s world, couples/friends are finding that it can be difficult to be always in each other’s space. or the opposite…

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Comments on: "let me explain" (7)

    • thank YOU that means a lot, I was watching waiting to see if you would comment. I’m not always certain about how some of my ideas will translate. I just know something has to be done to offer encouragement. .. good morning.. I enjoy flipping the calendar at the start of each month. I get to see a new bridge =^_^=.

      • I’m glad you like the calendar. I did think the body language was spot on. Years ago, I played around with Sims and was put off by the lack of emotion the characters conveyed. This seems much different.

    • no comparison, none… Second Life is virtual world that is populated by real people, behind every avatar is a real person, and each avatar is built and put together by the “owner”.. so no two are alike, nor are the personalities. Nite dear..

  1. You are right!
    Hugs from Italy,

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