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A Sunday moment

together in the sun
we are here for each other

Energy springs from your smile. A smile makes you and others cheerful and energetic.

Perfect Liberty 2021.4

These two horses are out every morning when I go into the woodland. Most days they are side by side, certainly not far from each other. This was the first time I’ve seen them actually grooming each other. I had to pull over, put on the 4 way flashers and get out … They were showing such affection I wanted to capture the moment. It was a beautiful moment. Again a first for me. I have never been around horses much, I only got to see them from a distance. This past year, I would see these horses every day.. in the fall I’d roll my window down and call out hello. That they were part of my everyday, means they are no longer strangers. Seeing such gentleness from these big animals made my heart sing. It is such moments that I call out in happiness… Life is Good.

Smiles, share a kindness, enjoy the beauty in this wonderful world we live in. Too much these days is focused on negativity. Change the direction of your thoughts when you feel them wandering into the shadows. because, I repeat LIFE IS GOOD!

PL Precept #11 Always be with God. Confie todo a Dios Faca tudo confiando em Deus


Comments on: "A Sunday moment" (3)

  1. What a sweet photo. Good morning!

    • happy end of day… did the bears come back? Guess tomorrow is a work day for you, Easter Monday here, all government offices will be closed, but retail, what can open, will. Sweet dreams.. if you are not tucked in already. =^_^=

      • I was most definitely tucked in. The bears have not returned. We take the bird feeders n at night and have put the deer feeder away until fall. The deer are goine but we will have rabbits, raccoons and I have a video that I’m not sure is a coyote or a fox. Waves good morning to you.

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