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beep beep

I don’t usually leave my shadow in the picture, but.. I wanted you to see how close these ducks were to me.. they came up from behind me.. I moved over to let them by, then followed till I had to pick up the pace. They were in no hurry.

My first visit to Mud Lake… light bulb moment.. if you walk into the woods, and walk for over an hour one way, guess what.. it is going to be the same amount of time coming back. A short walk becomes. a “good” hike.. Going out it is all new, you re snapping pictures and just soaking it all in. Coming back, the mantra is.. coffee, coffee.. and gosh it’s hot.. gotta find a way to carry the vest and roll up the sleeves. Beep beep, out of the way, this gal wants to get to her car and her ice coffee!

Each moment is a turning point. Postamo-nos sempre na bifurcaao entre o bem e o mal. Siemppre esdtamos ante la bifurcacion del bien y del mal.

Perfect Liberty, Perceitos da PL # 18 Perceptos de PL
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Comments on: "beep beep" (13)

  1. Wonderful pictures 😊

  2. Great pics! Now i need to make some coffee. πŸ™‚

    • smiles… I was very keen to get at my coffee.. thank goodness I had lots of ice in the thermos. waves merrily, have a great evening..

  3. Fun bird shots. Yeah, funny how the time flies as you’re hiking along taking photos and then – whoops! Long way back. Sounds like it’s gotten warm where you are.

    • yes,,!! we’ve had some great temperatures.. enjoy when they come along! Don’t like it to get too hot tho’ … it is nice to be out…ground is drying.. I’m still in “winter” shape.. need to get out and walk more.. being out yes.. but the long walks and hikes.. still to be encouraged =^_^+

  4. I have the same attitude to my own shadow as you to yours

  5. Great pics. You have some bold waterfowl.

    • they certainly were that morning. I’m getting used to these outdoor excursions first thing in the morning… not so sure the old “bod” is thinking it is so wonderful tho! Hope you are getting some R & R in….. waves good evening to you..

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