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Thursday doors

There is a breeze coming in off the water, I can hear the waves crashing into the cliff below, and I’m dreaming of doors. =^_^=

Free yourself from being overly attached. Overthinking hinders ideas and actions.

Perfect Liberty 2021.22
lost in time….

Comments on: "Thursday doors" (13)

  1. Fabulous selection

  2. Your usual splendid set

  3. The common stone in the first set is wonderful enough … but the second set delivered WOW moments for me. Thank you for sharing.

  4. You have a great collection today, including those bright yellow car doors. I love the arches over the water, but that last door is so wonderful. That would make a great photo for the writing challenge…just sayin.

  5. Junie-Jesh said:

    Love the lost in time image! And my top is the grey double door:) Great post, Jesh

  6. Awesome choices. The quote and the artwork are so beautiful. Love the second set of doors.

  7. Love these photos.

  8. You got some nice ones this week. Love that last one.


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