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Mosquito season- yuck

quiet, only sound was the birds singing
and the sucking sound of mud as it tried to hold halt my footsteps
there were dry areas, but the residue moisture from the previous days of rain, still clung to the interior carpeting under the trees

Have a “let’s do it ” attitude. Even if a task is difficult, keep in mind it is given by God and accomplish it.

Perfect Liberty 2021.14
PL Precept #1 Life is Art

Comments on: "Mosquito season- yuck" (13)

  1. I wondered when the bugs were going to hatch! With all that wetland, it is expected. I use Off! Family Care, which has the lowest amount of DEET and lasts a couple hours before I must reapply. It seems to keep ticks off as well. Otherwise, I’d feel like a pincushion!

    • wonderful timing, I am going to get dressed and go to the pharmacy before heading out to meet the photographer, (where I feed the birds in fall/winter) he has installed a night camera and is going to check it, and asked me to come with him.. he is doing a YouTube channel with it.. I want to interview him, find out more. Off! Family Care.. I wonder if Wamart has it we are on shut down/lock down here, only essential is open. thanks for the tip.!

  2. Yuk to mosquito season – but they are what they are. Within the week, the 17-year cicadas are ready to emerge.

  3. Yes Mosquitoes are yucky 🤮

    • Eliza just gave me the name of a product she uses, thank goodness, I know nothing of these products….I’ve been such a city girl…waves good morning!

  4. I like your woodland walks, and can identify with the sucking mud sound

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