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She didn’t run away, that made me happy, we just kind of stayed in one place, aware of each other. She did after a minute or two continue with her munching. Ignoring me. It was only when we heard people approaching that she began to move away.

It is moments like this that make my early morning walks worthwhile. it isn’t the picture but the moment spent just being with this rabbit was special. I think that the animals that stay near the pathways, get to know the different visitors. They can tell our walk, the sound of our foot fall on the earth. (our stride,) I’m sure they watch us from their vantage points. Those of us who are regulars, they come to know and remember us.
this one was taken with my cell -Samsung

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning point

Perfect Liberty
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  1. I recently read an article about how birds and other animals can recognize themselves (in a reflection) and others, too, so I believe you are right, that they can come to know a ‘regular’ visitor. 🙂

    • good morning Eliza you out in the gardens every day, I thought of you yesterday, I only have a city lot and the vines have been aggressively taking over.. had to get out there yesterday and tear them away from trees and plants they were strangling.. grrr.. I didn’t want to, they were bearing fruit and looking so healthy, but… had to tame the bullies. sends virtual hugs

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