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Spent the time this morning capturing the different textures in the landscapes that I was exploring. Overcast and very humid. At times the air was still and stifling, but when a breeze whipped up a bit of mischief if was wonderful.

“I’ll do it later. No, I’ll do it now” To make progress, do anything while it is still fresh.

Perfect Liberty 2021.25
This little guy kept hoping for a treat… at one point I thought he would try walking up my pant leg.

I found some wonderful samples of Lime stone… I got to explore a part of a trail I had not been on yet… last time I was there it was too muddy. West end NCC off Moodie. I actually wore the mosquito netting today, it looks hideous, but it works!

Comments on: "texture" (5)

  1. Love the black squirrel. Mosquito hats make sense! 🙂

    • the reaction from friends is priceless.. if I am considered eccentric and odd, it really shows now.. LOL today its pouring, the animals don’t care what I wear.. =^_^=

  2. Do it now – I like – well now and then anyway

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