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new discovery

The rock /minerals I found lying around, reminded me of my rockhound days… when I would go in search of old mines and look for unusual rocks/minerals etc. My husband and I would travel to the Bancroft area of Ontario every year for the big Rock Hound Gemboree.. hmmm wonder with the pandemic if this will happen this year? Have not been in years and years.. this find yesterday on NCC trail was a wonderful discovery for me.. narrow trail, then opening up to just this vast area of rock… not for everyone, but I loved the moment.

Be very careful about doing things you really like. Do everything in moderation. When you over do you will lose your balance.

Perfect Liberty 2021.26

The above reminder is one I need to repeat a few times… =^_^=

With todays’ steady downpour, I get to try my new rain poncho… Till soon.


Got a nice little piece of limestone… tiny weeny couldn’t resist.

Comments on: "new discovery" (3)

  1. Lovely finds. I love these accounts.

  2. Timothy Price said:

    It looks like the squirrel was expecting a treat. We have Rock Hound State park in southern New Mexico. Few trees there with lots of exposed geology and rocks.

  3. Exploring for rocks and minerals is such an adventure.

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