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this is when I find the woods inviting
I find this too much in terms of the mosquitos

We all need to come to terms with our day to day realities. Yesterday, after being bombarded and accosted by I think every flying insect in the area, I turned tail, hurried out of the area I was heading into, and left. I wasn’t alone, two other couples came out and without any lingering got into their vehicles and left. The itching, stings and the discomfort from the multiple bites had me reaching for the allergy medication. No way would I survive the service at church with the numbing itching that was happening in my hands from the multiple stings. Never mind my head arms and anywhere else they got at me.

*** message to self… heavily overgrown areas of vegetation are to be avoided until further notice!! Write that down, make a notecard, stick a note on the mirror.. STAY OUT OF THE WOODS for awhile… Doesn’t have to be forever, but for now…just because you have been doing something regularly … doesn’t mean you have to continue to do so.. find other places to explore …

Sigh.. this is a lesson I need to apply in other areas of my life too. We all get into “habits” or “comfort zones” if you will, time to reevaluate.

Let’s begin today with a smile. Let’s start the day with a positive outlook, looking forward to what we can discover.

Perfect Liberty 2021.12

Today I am going to do an overdo “project” and that is clear out the food I’ve been storing for the foodbank and take it there. The foodbank moved several miles further down to another small town (outside of the city where I live) I have been delinquent in getting there.

This will give my body a chance to recover from all the bites and venom I’ve had to deal with over the last many weeks. How about you.. ? … hopefully you will have a grand week ahead. Let’s start with today, and making it a good productive day !! .. Let’s begin with a smile and a positive outlook.

“happy trails to you, until we meet again”

I think Roy Rogers sang that ? ( lol do you even know who Roy Rogers was?)

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  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and his horse Trigger. – Never heard of them.. 🙂

  2. Ha, of course I remember them, I loved them and all things ‘horsey.’ 😉
    The mosquitoes, etc. of Canada are legendary. Head to toe mosquito netting required! Guess until a good frost kills them off, you’ll have to explore more citified parks. 🙂

    • Hi.. did you see Derrick sent the youTube of the song, its been so long since I’ve heard it. waves a sunny hello … I am trying.. it’s hard.. yesterday I walked along the St. Lawrence. Today I have to take Keeper for her nails.. so going to do a quickie around the bog..

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