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changing seasons

It is still only end of July, tomorrow will be August 1. Already I have seem the beginning of change happening along the roadside where I walk.

It is only here and there, but it is happening.

The last few days have been wonderfully “cool”.. balmy… especially early morning. I love it, but I hear on the radio the little gripes … the wanting of more hot, humid, hazy temperatures. this is Canada, we will get more “hot” weather, not until well into October, will we be past the chance of long periods of “hot”….

Today at P23, I got to meet up with one of the early morning regulars, he’s met up with a dangerous little critter called a Fisher Cat. We had a lengthy discussion of what these animals are capable of. They are predators and can and do kill even known to attack and kill porcupines. He showed me a picture and I said “oh a little mink”* but no, its bigger and even more aggressive / https://youtu.be/wMjQN48OqtI he encountered one who was not going to get off the path for him.. he had to use his walking poles aggressively to encourage it to move along. * believe same family)

can grow up to 10 pounds and 4 ft. in length. (picture taken from Internet)

Each person’s peace leads to world peace. first of all, you have to be happy. That happiness will spread and be the foundation of World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2021.1

I’m learning cute doesn’t always mean cuddly. =^_^=

Till soon

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  1. more info on the fisher cat can be found on Google

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