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Dean Hagopian – a man of many talents

Going through family photos I found this one of Dean, for those of you old enough to remember him when he lived in this area, he was a very gifted and talented (at the time) young man. He was the morning man for what was at that time one of THE newest and most progressive stations in this city. CKOY. He had, probably still does, had the talent of being able to do voices and characters in a way that the audience thought he actually had different personalities with him in the studio. His love of music and his ability to recognize talent also gave him an edge at drawing his audience. It was at a time when the DJ got to pick his own music and pull his show together “his” way. It wasn’t all automated the way it is now.

Dean later went on to bigger markets, from one major city to another in Canada. He added acting, doing voice overs to his resume and the rest is history. Why… you ask am I talking about Dean, I guess its because someone asked me about him the other day, and shortly after I saw Shirley’s pictures of her trip across the Alpine in NZ which I shared with you yesterday. Dean was a character actor, much of his work if it was voice over was not seen, only heard. There are many actors everywhere who you would not recognize on the streets but their voices have been heard worldwide.

In PL when we look at Precept #1… life is Art…………. every day this Precept helps us maneuver and use our creativity to make choices, and live our lives in a meaningful way. Some days are more meaningful than others, but each and every day is a day we live, it is our existence. Each experience we live, adds to our personal dimension. Cuts another facet in our “Being”

cats doing what they do well… watching the world go by…

We, all (human beings) have been doing a lot of “watching the world go by” these past many months, we have had to be resourceful and use all of our creativity to deal with the many changes that have taken place all around us.

One of the “wisdoms” I took away from my time with Dean was his ability to use his creativity to deal with the many challenges/opportunities that came his way. We were so totally different in many ways, yet very alike in others. Our similarities (for me) have only come to light in my more recent years.

Every day, I am reminded through PL teachings that it is very important to live each day with Godin our center, but to try to live each moment with Makoto.. sincerity.

To succeed with his audience, Dean made us all believe and get to know the personalities he shared with us, his talent at doing the voices and recreating each character was a gift. He shared it willingly. I must ask him next time I see him, how hard it was to maintain “balance”. Every character/role we play in life, the hard core fact is.. they are all US, or the person who is you.. Who you are when you say ME.

PL Precept #20 Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.

Each facet in a diamond is part of a whole. We are all ONE with God/Nature.

Love YOU

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