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What is “normal” is different for each individual. Everyone has a different way of thinking and doing. it is important to understand others’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2021.16
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Comments on: "Normal?" (3)

  1. I accept that everyone is different, but when a thousand different “normals” all insist, as is the case nowadays, that their “normal” must not only be accepted, but be honored, complied with, and given precedence or they will “cancel,” ostracize, demonize, demonetize, have fired, slander, or even jail anyone that has a different “normal” than theirs, and that “disruption” must take precedence over love, understanding and cooperation, well then society loses love, understanding and cooperation and millions of people suffer needlessly to satisfy the selfish, and too often mentally-ill, whims of a few.

    The world is not improving.

  2. Amen. It will pass, of course, but like a tornado. My concern is the damage done in-transit from now to then because every life is precious.

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