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house on the hill

So lonely and sad, the old house now sits so silently on the hill – No more does it hear the sounds of children playing – or the clanking of pots and pans as dinner is being made It’s former charm has now long since gone.

Imagine how it had once been, the proud haven for how many generations of families? Can you see the farmer tending the land, animals grazing near and around the homestead…. I think I see that a swing once sat in the front yard, where come evening, the family could gather and watch as the evening skies filled with stars. A gallery of twinkling particles of light against a clear night time sky

My friend and photographer Shirley Keen took these photos while on one of her jaunts. I was going to use it for “Thursday Doors” but there was a poignant feeling about the house, that inspired me to give it its own place on a page. Old homesteads like this are found not only in NZ but here in Canada, and I’m sure in the USA. I noticed in the pictures there was no road leading in to the house, nor any sign of hydro (electricity) being fed to the house. It has to have been vacant for years. There is a road not far off, but no driveway to this building.

Update. the Hoult farm house has been in the same family for 6 generations. It seems there will soon be a new house built close to where this one now stands by one of the descendent of this family.

Could this have been a reservoir for catching rain water?

Seeing the pictures Shirley took of this old farmstead brought back memories of days when the entire area around where I grew up was farmland such as seen in these photos, and now … all one can see are city lights and urban sprawl.

Let’s interact proactively with an ever changing society. society is always rapidly hanging with the times. Keep your eyes and mind in tune with these change and learn to deal with them proactively.

Perfect Liberty 2014.27
Have a great day everyone!

Comments on: "house on the hill" (7)

  1. Your friendโ€™s photos are stunning. Such an atmosphere with the dramatic clouds. It only the walls could talk…

  2. I do like ruins. Thanks for showing this.

  3. When my wife and i would pass places like that by, we’d say, “There is our dreamhome!” ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. I bet if this house could talk, it would have plenty of stories to tell. Great pics.

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