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Does light filter through an unwashed window… yes it does… With the days shorter, and the nights longer, on sunny days when the sunlight streams through the sunroom windows, the room takes on a dazzling delight of coloured rays that give the room a festive quality – yes that is one the delights of the winter months in my home. From the moment I walked into the house those many years ago, the sunroom with all its windows was a “magical” room. Each home should have such a room, We never utilized the room as a functional room, I always decorated and used it as a “canvas” or “feeling” room.

I never wavered from this delight I have in the room. I often will just sit at the fining room chair and just look out the window (this one chair faces the sunroom and its many windows) Its a view I get when emerging from the area of the house where the bedroom and my studio are located, I marvel just catching a glimpse as I walk from one area of the house to another.

Do you have a special nook or area of your home that holds a special meaning to you and you alone? No reason or rhyme, just because…..

It’s okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point. It’s important what you do from now.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

PL Japan – You have to memorize it with your body to learn the content – If you want to study each path, you can deepen the content according to your efforts. If you continue to try to reflect on your mental habits and correct them, you will learn some harmonious expressions (listen, see, say, think).

translated in Japan 2021.11.27

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  1. All the colored glass and patterns make for a nice photo

    • Hey good morning, you still dog sitting? A dog gets us out into the fresh air, at all hours of the day! Have a great week-end!

      • We are though a couple has met and wants to adopt her. We are sad but believe we will be blessed with another canine companion to care for. My wife wants to make a collage of photos of all our dogs going forward. I’m averaging 5 miles a day of walking.

  2. The sun streaming in windows in winter is so lifting, I agree. Esp. for us northerners. πŸ™‚
    Our living room faces south and east so it has sun most of the day and I spend most my winter hours there. I also have a sunspace, filled with cool season plants, but it is too chilly to sit in during the dark months, unless the sun is right on you. These spaces make all the difference in winter!

    • good morning to you.. I so agree, the room is delightful in other months, but in the winter months with the winter sunlight.. WOW… waves a happy greeting to you… xxxo

  3. Good morning I like it when sun streams through the front windows ! Hugs from across the miles !

  4. I had an experience to live in condo apartment some time ago. It was corner unit and two of the four of walls were just a glass from floor to the ceiling. It was amazing feeling to be there. The atmosphere was airy and sunny. Even in the grey day it was plenty of day light inside. But the most magical feeling was in the evening and when all the night lights of the city created the special cozy environment inside of your home.

    • good afternoon Alexander, that sounds wonderful, I agree there is something very special about night lights, thank YOU for sharing…. you been to see the falls lately, they must still be rushing down … not been cold enough to slow them down. waves happy energy your way,..

      • I hope it never stop rushing down. Sometimes there is no enough water, but it only happens with the small falls. Niagara is giving the hope that human still not so powerful to ruin the Mother Nature, but can harm it.
        Have a wonderful day!🌹

    • I’ve seen it crusted in ice.. that was years and years ago.. but I remember what a dramatic effect it had.. even Mother Nature can loose patience with human behaviour.

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