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feeder empty

I heard this morning that one of the big feeders was totally empty – I has no idea that it was empty, had just come from the location the photographer was telling me about.. and I had noticed. Note to self.. pay attention to all the surrounding feeders. The huge feeder he was telling me about is usually tended to by an organization that has got feeders scattered all over the National Capital Greenbelt …It was when he told me he had sighted an evening grosbeak that I was spurred into action.

A friend was kind enough to dig out his ladder and come fetch me so I could go back to the location and fill the feeder till I can reach someone from the  Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club, The OFNC was founded back in 1863 and is the oldest natural history club in Canada with over 800 members. I’ve sent a missive but with the holidays it might be some time before I hear back, meanwhile the feeder is now full, hopefully the feed in it will last a few week. I myself am not able to climb a ladder and haul a heavy bag of birdseed up to refill .. fingers crossed everyone.

I was so focused on getting the feeder filled I did not take a picture,… when I go back, weather permitting I’ll remember to get a picture.

It’s Okay to think “this is where it starts” There is always a turning point. It’s important what you do from now.

Perfect Liberty 2021.27

If you are a birder in the area, the OFNC is an excellent resources for you. https://ofnc.ca/uncategorized/great-resources-for-birders

Till soon everyone! To new members I am so thrilled to you join in =^_^= Welcome!

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  1. Very neat. Thank you for doing that.

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