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When you face difficulties start with anything you can do. When you are able to grasp the situation, you will surely be able to notice something that you can do.

Perfect Liberty 2022. 12

Yesterday I found a dead rabbit. It was a beautiful rabbit, it looked peaceful in its eternal sleep. I couldn’t see why or how it had died, the body lay empty on the path. What to do. I could walk around it if I was careful, but it was in a place where many others would need to pass to get on the trail. the opening was only a few feet wide.. and he lay right at the narrowest part of the entry.

My concern was the young children heading for the trail would see him.. perhaps think it sleeping and curious gone over to touch or see it. Or.. the dogs that are walked there, one would get at it, and then… that wouldn’t be good for the visitors either. I had recently cleaned out my car, I had no shovel, and no garbage bags.. in the end.. I called the emergency number for the area… and had to leave it to them to come clean up.. Being a Saturday, she didn’t know if she could get anyone before Monday.

Week-ends are the busiest at this location. Because of the storm the other three trails there are roped off, there is only this one trail open, and the only access to it was this narrow opening.

Sometimes all one can do is “trust” that it will all work out.

life IS

Comments on: "death" (6)

  1. A few weeks ago I found a mama squirrel laying in the street. Thankfully I had a bag to grasp her tail and carry her to a part of the neighborhood without a house on it – found a nice tree and put her there. I don’t like finding them on the road. People just drive over them or ignore them. I do what I would want done for me. To have someone care. You tried to help Dymoon – you at least cared! Hugs to you!

  2. Good that you tried.

  3. lise lawrence said:

    Tank you for taking care of that situation.

  4. Perhaps a fox or raptor will ensure it lives on in another form. ❤

  5. You’re very sensitive. Don’t stop. 💖🌿

  6. Quite so. We can only be responsible for our own contribution

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