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30th really

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Let’s have a humble mind. Once you think, “That’s good enough” you become blind to the opportunities to be more creative.

Perfect Liberty 2022.30

Tomorrow is already the 1st of July. Where did the month of June go? This morning I woke at 3:27a.m. and wondered what I was doing awake.. It was one of those moments when you wake up and are raring to go, but then realize that the rest of the world around you is not. Well ok, there were birds outside chirping away, but aside from that, all was still.

It is interesting how one goes through a number of various options… like.. get up and begin your day, let the dogs out, (they were not interested, one did take me up on the offer to be kind.. but then promptly on re-entering went back to bed.) How do they do that! they lie down, close their eyes and resume a sound sleep. I’ve tried that.. it doesn’t work. I did try to go back to sleep, but my mind simply would not go along with it. I got up and began the task of clearing off my workspace in the studio where I had last worked on some abstract pieces…. that took only a few minutes…

Come on now.. this is not the way to start a day. ” Perhaps you could meditate, slow that chattering brain” said the little voice in my head. “no”.. said another voice.. try going back to sleep, it is tooooo early, you will be tired and wanting to come back to bed too early later.” Eventually I picked up my cell and set the alarm for 20 minutes, I gave myself a time out. This is a little trick I’ve learned in the last month or so, that seems to work, it stills my mind.. the alarm goes off and I get up and begin again. (a fresh start)

sometimes we need a blank screen/page…

We will have a 10 a.m service tomorrow, July 1 at the church .. it is the Day of Peace ceremony.


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  1. I love today’s thought.

  2. I like that 20-minute time out. 💫

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