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photo Dave Renz

Good morning, Bom Dia… This capture was taken “somewhere” in a country setting that is very beckoning if you are in the city with ambulance and firetrucks constantly being heard rushing from one place to another. When I saw it.. I thought “how rustic”, and moved on to other incoming mail. However over the next couple of days, that picture kept creeping into my thoughts. I dug it out and had another look.

Not a lot happening… not even a sign that there are people living there. Then a conversation I had with a friend who told me about her vacation on a lake, where the lots were so close you could stand on the deck and see the neighbour’s yards on both sides. there was even a pizza parlour just down the road (light bulb moment) immediately, the “blue retreat” sprang back to my mind again… darn I kept returning to the photo of the blue “retreat” in the woods.

Two very different “get away” locations. I have no idea if there is a lake/river near the “hideaway” but what set it apart from the cottage on the lake, was the “apparent” isolation of the place. I liked the idea of being in the woods, yet being in a structure protected from the elements*. I realized that what I was finding so inviting about the picture of the blue “retreat” was that it didn’t shout “lonely” rather it exudes a peaceful quiet.

That dwelling what I now think of as a “retreat” gets more and more appealing to me as I rush from one activity to another and run one errand after another, trying to ?? what??

We all have moments where we suddenly realize that we are “spinning our wheels” we are trying to get things done so we can “catch our breath”. The “retreat” set my thoughts in motion, “why” “what is the rush”… It was a trigger. whether or not the photographer meant to invoke a “mood” or capture the “stillness” of the place.. doesn’t matter, it is how “I” the viewer has interpreted his “work”.

Just seeing the picture set my mind and thoughts into ‘overdrive” It reminded me that I was making “busy, busy, busy” my normal. It made me stop and think… and ask myself. .”why” how come I was always in “busy” mode. Was I enhancing my life with my behaviour, or was I ” running around in circles” .. had I let myself get caught up in “making busy” .. Time for some quiet contemplation and reflection..

Use money and things usefully and enthusiastically. Money and things are materials for self expression. Use them joyfully with appreciation

Perfect Liberty 2022.25

That one picture, captured in time … has made me realize that for someone who is “retired” I am far “too busy” and need to review and revamp my “gray cells” – it won’t be easy.. but I can try.

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning point


*elements -thunder lightening-insects-heat

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