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Being objective

talking to strangers

Do you talk to people you don’t know. Are you someone who strikes up a conversation with someone you don’t know who happens to be where you are, when you are? I hadn’t heard the term before, but I saw recently in an old Oprah magazine, an article about an author Malcolm Gladwell, who writes books about “cultural conversations”.. he writes about how close encounters between strangers can teach us ,how we can get better at reading each other’s signals. (Tipping Point)

Thinking back over my many years of my existence, I can’t count the number of people I’ve met, either in the workforce, out for the evening, waiting in line when running errands… everywhere, there is always, someone, somewhere who is close enough for me to greet or acknowledge. Do I always? .. no.. but on average compared to my friends and close associates, I would be considered “outgoing” and more likely to start up a conversation, or even, just say Hi, nod, say good day… I’ve met some of the most interesting people that way, and actually have found that I like most people I meet.

Being Chinese in the North America of many years ago, meant that you were “the oddity” your cultural background was different, and of course you “looked” different… I was taught that everyone has feelings, and meeting someone was an opportunity to “grow” as a person, to “learn” … my perspective on human behaviours was honed from a very early age to listen carefully, to watch and be aware of life as it came my way. PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity.

It is in the meeting of people with different ideas, and backgrounds, that I found so many “treasures” (moments of wonder. PL Precept # 6 Efface your self-conceptions.

We are all so unique, I really enjoy brief encounters that elicit a smile, a wave, a brief exchange. =^_^=

When you get stuck, take a step back. When you are able to see things objectively, your viewpoint will change and you will receive new wisdom.

Perfect Liberty 2022.23

PL Precept # 18 Each moment is a turning point – we often make judgements based on our own unconscious biases. I try to be aware of my reactions and to be more receptive to “learning” and being more “open” to “differences” – an exercise that is ongoing… not that I’m a slow learner, .. there is just so much to see and discover.


Comments on: "Being objective" (5)

  1. I agree. You never know what you can learn from someone else. 🤔

  2. 👋🕊🌎

  3. I do speak to people I meet in that way. The freedom to learn from it – mainly that most people are happy to engage – has only come with age. When younger I once sat opposite a famous sportsman in an hour long train journey without a word; not so long ago I often passed another in the street and merely exchanged nods. My reticence came from believing they must be fed up with engagement through recognition. With a friend in a pub I once enjoyed a long conversation with a famous actor and his partner without any of us mentioning who he was.

  4. This kind of behavior mostly exists in the small towns and villages. People there always ready to talk even to the strangers. In the city sometimes people’s reaction on your trying to talk absolutely inadequate. Another day I talked to my young neighbor and her son told her: “Mom, you cannot talk to stranger.” This is what the modern kids learning at school. Even close neighbor for them is a stranger.

    • i hope that with each day, comes other opportunities to spread sunshine, and friendships.. it is a loss when they shut themselves in a box… sends a warm hug your way!

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