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seek and u shall find

seek with a prayerful mind… each moment is a turning point.

Q's Story Telling

A journey begins when we take that first step, or ride. One cannot discover if one doesn’t take the first step, There are many places one can go, but we can never escape from our own thoughts. By car, boat, plane, yes, they all are vehicles that can take us places. But it is in the silence spaces that we discover our most exciting moments… Once the chatter fades into the background, You can actually hear what’s in your heart.

I realized that if I wanted to find an answer, I first had to know the question. To know the questions, I had to listen, pay attention to my inner Self.

The questions I have etched in my mind, the questions that have guided me my entire life, what, where, why, when, who. One word can elicit so many scenes, possibilities,

I watched a movie about a couple, snapshot –…

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