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15th.0f 11

“I wanted to be home,” he said.. …we both smiled because of course we both knew he had never left my side.

Imagine being everywhere at the same time…. the breeze rustling through the grass, or dancing across the surface on deep blue waters… it is not the physical space but the “moment” that captures and teases the imagination The “energy” the “BEing”

“Listening is also a form of expression. Listen with Makoto (sincerity) ” PL 2022.15

Face the speaker, make eye contact and listen carefully

Listen with “full presence” Be in the moment.

Bom dia

Comments on: "15th.0f 11" (7)

  1. Life is a wonder at times–no, actually, life is a wonder at ALL times. Blessings this Tuesday morning!

    • we’ve had snow… it was so quiet and peaceful… no one around.. just awesome.. getting there was another matter tho’ … sending you a big warm hug…

  2. I’ve noticed, more and more, that people in conversation often don’t make eye contact. It’s weird. 👀🍃

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