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doors revisited

This post has given me the opportunity to go back and look at some of the doors posted over the last year… For a wide selection of doors posted from all over the world, check out the Thursday Door feature on Dan’s site… https://nofacilities.com/2022/12/08/doors-of-christmas-past/

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  1. Love these photos and really feel they should be collated as a montage and set to music – by the late Jim Morrison’s band of course!

  2. I especially love the last one — from Japan — that shows the garden in the center of the circle. Love it.

  3. The circle reminds me of the message (that I can’t quite remember) about circular doors or windows allowing the good spirits to flow into and out of your home. They always make me feel good. Hugs…

  4. I love these doors! Thanks for bringing them back around

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