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Let’s do it!

Start by thinking “Let’s do it!” Once you decide to do something and put your whole heart into it, things will start moving forward.

Perfect Liberty 2022.8

btw. I was asked the other day if I am still visiting the crows.. Yes… yes… and yes… they still hold my imagination and heart with their antics.

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  1. No idea why, but your mention of crows today reminded me of an Artist Trading Card I made years ago that featured crows. I don’t know if I still have one of the originals or not, but if I do find one, would you want it?

    • wow atc’s I used to do those years ago… if you find one.. I do enjoy my crows.. I have a few indoor ones.. even have a vulture (kind you see at Michaels..)

      • Checked my ATC bin and no crows, but I have a binder (yes, I have that many) that I will go through next. LOL I don’t know what to do with all of these ATC’s — many of them are by artist friends and I don’t even know their addresses, much less if they would want their own work back. Do you have anything like this that you don’t know what to do with?

    • Been there, it is a tad painful. but I let go.. and passed them on… other creative minds will use them or take them apart for junk journals… remember it is the journey that is important.. not the end results.

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