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Treasure each moment in time, you never know when the opportunity will present itself again, or if it ever will.

Feelings of appreciation become real when you express them.

Perfect Liberty 2014.21

To see more of Kevin’s photos and videos. please visit. https://www.instagram.com/kevin.baldelli.photography/

Comments on: "12.14" (7)

  1. Love the nuthatch (I think it’s a nuthatch! LOL)

  2. That’s why we are connected in this life –to be there for one another!

  3. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonsoir Dymoon, une chose qui est vrai c’est que j’apprécie tout ce que j’ai dans la vie ,la personne que j’ai dans ma vie qui est devenu mon mari il est merveilleux ok avec le mal de dos ils est marabout on s’aiment beaucoup. Je crois que la communication et le respect dans un couple sont essentiels.

    Je remercie dieu presque a toute les jours A mes amis (es) je vous aime😘


  4. Good morning to you as well. We have hoarfrost on the valley below, but all of the snow is gone off the tops of the mountains across the way. Railroad workers are out bright and early, working on the track down below. Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tjESqi5yFE
    It’s the view from my office window!

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