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12.15 Holiday Decor

If ever ever I have any doubt that the holiday season has arrived, I visit friends who know just how to celebrate the season. Every year their home is one huge present to the neighbourhood. At night the house, trees, and inside are a festive kaleidoscope of colour. The one tree you see is festooned with hundreds of ornaments. Every year I get to meet new pieces.

The house is ablaze with cheerfulness, no matter where you look, there is colour, sparkle and the joyful wonder of the season … this takes hours and days to do. Their makoto (sincerity) in sharing their love of the season… echoes and vibrates in the atmosphere. That little nose you see is one of 5 little pups, maybe all of 5, 6 weeks old.. The other dogs, whippets and borzoi were resting in their crates. Believe it or not.. the house is usually full of active dogs.. yet the decorations and except for one or two favourite ornaments – the welcoming scene remains intact for all to enjoy.

If you’re going to do it, give it your best effort. Your actions will be dulled if you worry too much about the outcome. Once you decide on a course of action, don’t hesitate to complete your task.

Perfect Liberty 2016.15

Listen carefully, face the speaker, make eye contact…. Listening to people is also a form of expression. Listen with Makoto (sincerity)

Perfect Liberty 2022.15

The home of Hounds of Freckashpeng (breeders whippet/borzoi) – Winchester, On. Canada

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  1. Just a bit nosey here — what are those huge ribbon awards for??

    • LOL.. my friends are breeders of whippets and Borzoi .. these are ribbons their dogs have won over the years. My Keeper won ribbons with them too. They are known in the community, there is a long wait list for any of their pups. Thanks for asking.. I often wonder if anyone ever really looks at the pictures.. =^_^=

  2. Happy Holidays my friend! πŸ‘ΌπŸŽ…πŸ€ΆπŸ¦ŒπŸͺ🌟πŸ”₯πŸŽ„πŸŽ

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