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Falling snow

This fell in a very short period of time. The forecast is it will continue to fall all day in huge amounts. They are calling it a mammoth storm. Temperatures are around 30 degrees F. and are aging to stay in that range for the day. I am considering my options… Appointment for winter snow tires is next week.

Have a joyful day by being a little more creative. you will enjoy your day more by adding a little creativity to your daily activities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.16

If you are in one of the areas hit by this storm, please stay safe…

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  1. Just amazing… I just finished downloading CorelDraw Standard 2021…I need to learn a new graphics program because my trusty one has been bought out by a competitor and taken off the market. :/

    • I hate it when things like that happen… they call it progress… yuck. I have simplified my needs in that regard…(software) I try to find the easiest and less complicated.. I don’t do the same kind of editing anymore either.. New graphics programs are expensive.. Consider how much you do on them… just saying.. waves from snow city… I’ll be posting pictures later.

      • I am procrastinating… I have to create several cards for artist friends here in the U.S. and across the pond. I don’t know why the dragging of the heels… If I can get my act together tonight, I’ll be able to finish them up tomorrow and get them in the mail on Monday.

    • I’ve learned.. when it gets done, then it will happen… I no longer stress it…

  2. Allowing… my word for the day…

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