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Snow 12.16

Seeing my babies tuck into the suet is all the thanks I need… the snow was falling so steadily and hard, everything was blanketed in snow. At Mer Bleue the city plow had been by to do the parking lots, but the driver although he has to drive from one parking lot to the other… lifts his blade, he does not do the roadway. I did make it to the second parking lot… where to my surprise the NCC contractor* was there shovelling a path to the outhouses. WOW… dedication for sure. I got there it was shortly after 7 a.m.

The birds were so happy to see me, they were hovering over me waiting for the scoop to appear with the seed. LOL then I had a chickadee escort service tailing me to the feeder I was heading to fill. Even the grosbeaks were nattering at me to hurry up. No sooner was the feeder cleared and seed put in, there was a gathering of evening grosbeaks all around the feeder showing great appreciation for the feed.

Linda* helped out.. we walked back and forth tramping down the snow before putting out the still in the shell peanuts for the blue jays. They were patient but did vocalize from time to time if they thought we were being a tad to slow. Of course they could have been scolding Linda who sneaks a peanut or two when she thinks no one will notice… believe me the blue jays have sharp eyes.

At P23 (Dewberry) it was very quiet, the lot had been cleared, but the drive to the location was dicey at best. I was joined there shortly after my arrival by wildlife and nature photographer Dan Cadieux.. . https://www.dancadphotography.com/blog/ who like me… revels in the quiet of the early morning in the woods… he was already snapping pictures seconds on arriving.. the birds were busy chowing down on their morning breakfast. Can’t wait to see what he will post on Instagram… https://www.instagram.com/dancadphotography/

Whatever you decide to do with your day… enjoy … be safe…

If you are going to do it, give it your best. Your actions will be dulled if you worry too much about the outcome. Once you decide on a course of action, don’t hesitate to complete your task.

Perfect Liberty 2016.15

Comments on: "Snow 12.16" (5)

  1. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, j’ai veux un couple de cardinals tout beaute je l’ai regarde pendant des heures, puts on a eux une tempetre de neige et un beau noel blanc dieu m’a donne une parti mes cadeaux pour noel.

    Bonne journee


  2. You have very cute friends! πŸ™‚ I admire your dedication to them. ❀

  3. Thanks Eliza.. they give a lot back! =^_^=

  4. I so agree… blessings to you and Linda for taking care of the little ones.

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