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The Sun

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Q's Story Telling

The sun that warmed and welcomed her earlier that day, was no longer friendly. she lay in quiet despair, feeling the unrelenting heat, burrow down deeper into her body. the ground under her was hard, unforgiving and uncaring that her body hurt. Where once she thought of the sun has a healing energy and one that gave life….. she now thought of how it was slowly killing her with its scorching blistering persistence on her now barely living shell.

The long slender arm that once gracefully waved to friends and showed her animation for life, now lay limp and useless across her dry eyes. Her parched throat tried in vain to find one tiny drop of saliva, anything to relieve the thirst that raged inside of her. She felt her soul evaporating drop by drop into the stillness around her. Nothing moved. the animals knew to conserve their energy. not…

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