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Good morning, when friends travel they will often share with me pictures of places they visit. I know this is from a scene in a movie/series … there is something about how this shot was taken that draws my eyes to the door. Today being Thursday, I thought to share it with you.

For more pictures of doors, please visit Dan’s No Facilities site for the Thursday Doors feature ttps://nofacilities.com/2023/01/12/springfield-armory-nhs/

Everyone has their own way of seeing and thinking. There are different points of view and ways of thinking, which makes it interesting and creates new ideas. Try to enjoy others expressions.

Perfect Liberty 2023.12

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.

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  1. Carol Westover said:

    Thank you for this… I’ve run into a couple of snags these past couple of days, least of which is a discrepancy in the total amount of rent for our new place. But, I’ve always believed that life happens the way it does for a reason, so I will go with the flow and see what happens. Blessings to you for always being able to provide me with a different way of looking at life.

    • There isn’t anything you can’t handle. You have been doing amazingly well. WE put one foot in front of the other, and we take little steps. You are never alone. Wraps an extra layer of warmth around you..

  2. That’s a lovely scene, and a very uplifting quote at the beginning. Thanks for this.

  3. Carol Westover said:

    Thank you for the extra hug–greatly appreciated. I was totally exhausted last night…less than a week to go… waiting is so hard at times. We have a showing of the house this afternoon and another one on Sunday. My Lindsay is a hard worker… Love it…

  4. we draw nearer to the 21st. Chinese New Year… there is positive energy in the air.. lots of it… will send more on an air current your way.

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