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If you are a chocolate lover, is this cuteness enough for you =^_^=  All my bunny lover pals, will find this sooooooo cute.  On the other hand, I know that my chocolate buddies will want a little more drool …=^_^=


This brownie pie takes an hour and a half to make, and serves 10 – 12 people.  I look in awe at such a decadent delight,  #1  I’m diabetic and can’t indulge, #2 a whole hour and a half to prepare something that even if I tried would never look like that ( I am not a baker) I can still admire the talent and  dedication it must have taken to put this together, and then artfully display it. Wow. Same applies to the pancakes, that is so creative..ba2ee34c49b8dfc4e6aa8f6130116269

A picture says it all,  Angel food cake French Toast, cream cheese and strawberry syrup.  Says it serves six, now is this one serving that is shown here? or do we have to share???  Have I found your taste buds yet?  I know all these decadent offerings and all before lunch time.   below This is what I had in mind when I started my search. Noodle dishes! big fat juicy shrimps! Bonus if its spicy. I know, I know,  noodles/pastas are not good for the blood sugar counts. %>(


Do I  cheat, yes I do.  There are days when I just can’t resist the urge to have something that is totally decadent and sinful.  I’ve learned that it happens, and once I feed my determined taste buds, they are satisfied I didn’t ignore them, I allowed them “voice”, they are content to take a back seat.  Moderation.


This is what I call truly decadent, this dish and versions of it, I’d eat everyday .   Crunchy Asian Salad with peanut dressing,   Why all this talk of food, I guess it’s because the last few days I’ve heard so much talk of people wanting to lose weight, go to the gym more often and and and. It almost sounds like they are unhappy with  what they have become….    Starting a new year, or new day isn’t about depriving yourself, it’s about living your day to the fullest and being as happy as you can be.  Happy people, tend to be healthier, happy is a stare of mind and BEING,.

Every morning when we wake up, appreciate that you are alive, we have a day ahead to enjoy.  If you wake up and already you are pushing negative thoughts out into the Universe, then you are more likely to have a crappy day. I agree it isn’t always easy to be cheerful and positive, but if we truly want to be happy, we will look at creative ways to make happy happen.


Enjoy the moment, get out there and let the happy happen…

Namaste   Oyashikiri


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le jour viendra – the day will come

fairy garden  DS10940, Mebob2000 on flickr

Creativity, dreams, imagination, inspiration who hasn’t experienced these wonderful moments.  Whether as a child, adolescent or adult, we all live with deep burning passions that bubble within looking for expression.  How we give expression to these desires is different for each one of us.  Value your intuition.

bunny on scooter

The photographer and bunny enthusiast had an ah-ha moment when they came up with this idea, and happily for us, they shared it on social media.  We just keep the smile away when we saw this, it was an ahhhhh moment for me, that bunny is so sweet, obviously happy to oblige his/her owner.  In acting on his/her inspiration the artist provided a happy moment for others.   The feeling of accomplishment is very satisfying.

fairy cottage - Pinterest

Creativity is all around us, in all shapes and forms.  Precept # 1 (Perfect Liberty) – LIFE IS ART  The day will come when we will all  live in a way that will bring about World Peace.

Sunflower - spswestsunshine


Namaste  – Oyashikiri



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