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Ohayo gozaimasu, ichi-gatsu 30

japan 1

Good morning everyone…

For those of us waking to a world of white snow and high winds, thought we would take to the streets in another climate. The day seems bright enough, but I could see the wind blowing the wind flag and it wasn’t messing around. Although only 14 degrees Fahrenheit, with the wind chill factor it has to be cutting cold out there.  Dress warmly if you are going out, wear a warm scarf, makes all the difference =^_^=.  (-15 Celsius?)


I found this picture of a Japanese carving the other day.  At one time I was very interested in and had started a collection of “Netsuke”.  A Netuske is a small miniature carving, many of which date back to a different period in time. This Japanese monkey is from the Mejii Period (1868 – 1912), look at the detail, the monkey is looking through a magnifying glass, to view an insect on a persimmon.  The carving is 1.5 inches.

There had to be no compromise nor hesitation of the artists hands while he/she worked.  I can only imagine the concentration and focus that went into this wonderful work of art.  Our lives are works of art, how often are you called upon to compromise, or when dealing with another, you find yourself hesitating because you simply are not on the same page and paragraph of the person you are interacting with.

Japan, 2

When we find ourselves rethinking, or pausing in our actions, then it is time to take a break and think about what is meaningful to us.  What is important to us, if we compromise, or not speak up on what we really feel, matters will only become more complicated…………. Always be true to yourself!…………….

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri



*Asakusa,Tokyo (explored) by stuckinseoul on Flickr

** artfact.com

***red bridge, Ogunijinja Shrine, Shizuoka ;ref. Janap

**** Tofuku-ji (Kaoru N)

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