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Garlic, what is it about garlic that can make it such a special plant, not everyone likes it, but many do, and those of us who appreciategarlic its flavour, love to put it in almost everything we make for consumption.  I myself like garlic, in Chinese cooking, it is almost a staple.  When I keyed in garlic what I got was recipes of all kinds that use garlic.  Garlic cheese bombs,  rustic chicken with garlic gravy, roasted garlic, garlic rubbed roasted cabbage steaks, very impressive.

They all sound so tempting and so yummy, and I likely to try them, probably not.  Over the years I have I freely admit, set in my ways, and although I enjoy what I cook and eat, food is not something I have a passion for, it is necessary in life, and therefore, I eat.

Many of my friends are “foodies”  they love experimenting and trying something new, they chase the food trucks, all the rage now.. each truck a delight to the palate and the sensory senses.

garlic how to

Just the smell of fresh garlic is a savory moment.

If you are old school, and you crush your garlic on a wooden cutting board, (I use the Chinese traditional cleaver) when that aroma burst into the air, Wow!

Now to my husband who didn’t grow up with the smell of garlic or other seasonings and ingredients of Chinese cuisine, caught of guard, he can find it almost repulsive.

We are all different and unique, it comes up in our daily lives all the time.

Why do we have such issues with it, when it is on a grander scale.

Did you know that garlic is a good remedy to stop a persistent cough..

I admit when told of this, I was not really a believer.

I had a cough that wouldn’t go away.  A friend said, “hey you gotta try garlic!” He told me to make a piece of dry toast, and put a fresh piece of garlic on it and eat it.  Nothing else, only the crushed garlic and the dry toast.  Unable to sleep because of the cough, I got up and out of sheer frustration with my situation, I made a piece of toast, minced the garlic with one wop of my  palm on the cleaver… and … put it on the dry toast….. bit into the garlic and toast.

I had never eaten (to my knowledge) raw garlic (except the stems in a salad) talk about instant reaction in my mouth.  It is strong, potent, and for good measure I’ll say again, strong.  I persisted and ate it all…………. the cough went away.  I think my beloved husband was ready to go too, the dogs didn’t mind, but even I held my breath…   the moment passed, and so did the coughing.

You just never know until you try something.


PL Precept # 18 – Each Moment Is a Turning Point

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri





Sliced fresh garlic on dry toast

Sliced fresh garlic on dry toast

Phew whatever for? one may ask. Well, you all know by now that I got hit really hard with a virus. It really was not pleasant. One of the most annoying symptoms -coughing,  deep dry ugly hacking coughs.  An old friend called to speak to my husband,  an Armenian with a strong belief in ancient and natural healing The suggestion was made that I try sliced fresh garlic on toast. I didn’t rush out to try it. but after days and sleepless nights of uncomfortable and horrible uncontrollable coughing spells, I was no longer willing to be subjected to the misery without doing what I could to fight back.
I had tried other known remedies, ginger tea,  soup,  honey, and of course by now I was on medication from the doctor. What cook doesn’t have fresh garlic in the pantry, the pungent aroma was fresh, the toast dry, the taste was hard core…., I actually slept better the first night, I felt the difference. Three nights later, a vampire might shun a taste of my blood.. but I can now lie down without major coughing.

So there you have it. Let’s appreciate the wisdom of another time and place. Do try something new, don’t close the door to new opportunities/possibilities.

Gotta wonder if the dogs will want cuddle? Unconditional love. Lucky me =^_^=

Have a great evening/sleep/morning, wherever you are, may the Universe treat you kindly. God Bless!

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