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Good day everyone!

I am filled with anticipation, not only is the day filled with sunshine, I will meet with Rev. Goto in a few hours to learn how to do Oyashikiri Sensho.  We were talking of meditation, and I had asked if PL had a special way to meditate.  Being a life long meditator  it is a subject close to my heart.  PL has a special prayer that is a chant.  He closed his eyes, brought his hands together in prayer and instantly I was transported.  The moment was beautiful and captured me instantly.  For days I had that moment replaying in my head and wanted to feel it  for myself.  I tried on my own to “copy” what I heard and saw… and WOW.   Today I will get a personal teaching.  I love PL.  (Perfect Liberty)

Then I will meet with a dear friend I have not seen in a while, I will have the pleasure of a nice drive to the other end of the city and then share a meal  (already I know I will cheat and have wonderful fries with my smoked meat).  What is not to like about getting up and starting another day. =^_^=

After morning prayer, I opened up my computer and found that a treasured friend from Australia had sent mail, she is a angel who drops in and out of my life with her gentle thoughts.  Today was a quote from “Buddha”

“Don’t believe anything, whether from few or many, from your religion, or teachers and elders, or even long traditions, unless, after careful analysis, you find what is reasonable and good for one and all. Live up to that.” Buddha

I will leave you now to start my day… starting with looking into my very full wardrobe… and asking myself, how come I have nothing to wear.

Blessings everyone.  Find the pocket of happiness and delight in it.  Life is to be lived.

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