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complaining vs observation & reactions

Good Morning everyone.

Today I’d like to discuss PL. Principle 2 ” I will not have complaints about others, matters, nor the weather.  Rather I will always be creative and will look for shortcomings in my own thinking and actions.”

23dbee890ee8f315dd46ad9ec995bdf4This is a lesson that I reappears in my life over and over again.  I don’t see myself as a complainer, however, there are times when I feel that my feelings or work is not appreciated.  It is true, that I do things because I want to.  I also love what I do.  why then do I seem to want some kind of feedback, or acknowledgement of my creativity. Please dear reader, understand these are musings.  In Principle 2, as you read above, I am to work at not having complaints about others, yet, there are times when I definitely feel that someone or others are simply not responding to a request I’ve made or given feedback on a subject that pertains to something we share or are both involved in. I ask myself, is it complaining to speak up, put my thoughts and feelings on the table? Or, is it being honest and open about something that bothers me?


PL Principle 6 I will not be stubborn, being captured by my own thoughts.  

PL Principle  17, I will not say or do things that hurt others.

PL Principle 14,  I will not have a mind to be lazy, I will not have  complaints while working, nor be overly concerned and complain about others.


Some days, when not sure just where to “land”…. when you feel that your head is in one place and your thoughts in another… I do what makes me feel better, I meditate and pray.  I remember that PL Precept 18 reminds me that “Each Moment is a turning Point”


Be with God

Today, and everyday

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri


* stone arch bridge over trouble waters – 1st place winner FAA Optical Illusions.  fineartamerica.com

** paloma81.blogspot.com

*** cuteoverload.com

**** booknvolume.com


female -male -partners


Good day everyone!  What a beautiful day, not because of the sunshine, but because it is a brand new day. Another adventure to look forward to, more challenges to unravel and explore. Each and everyone of us is unique, we think and feel things in different ways. To live in harmony with  another, we have to first be at peace ourselves.


To the artist when creating, we strive for balance in our presentation. We often bring inanimate objects together to present a pleasing visual to the eye. In dealing with another human being, we are working with another person with feelings, and thoughts of their own.  Immersed in our own thoughts and ideas, we often neglect to consider that the person we are working or sharing time with can also be lost in thought.  Because we all have our own unique personality and lifestyle, the response or view  of our partner,friend can be completely different from our own.  Practice acceptance of differences, learn and grow together. It is through communication, and respect that bonds grow stronger.


When we choose to walk along a path with another, it is amazing how differently each takes in the landscape, both see different vistas even though walking side by side. What a blessing it is to share a horizon with another. There cannot be one without the other, if the head of the coin was not there, neither would the tail.  Positive/negative =1 (One)

Namaste   –  Oyashikiri











* weddingchicks.com

** Kaboodle.com (Barbara Zito)

*** Shore of Lake Kinnaret (sea of Galilee) by Adam Jones,Ph.D -Global photo Archive -Flickr

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